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“ This dose is really too good. Since I have started Suvarnaprashan plus, my baby’s immunity has increased and he has not suffered from cough, cold and fever which he used to earlier.  Thank you Dr. Vikas.”

          Mrs. Suchitra Dongre (BE Comp) Empire Estate, Chinchwad

“This dose is so good! I wish to give it daily to my child.”

Mrs. V. V. Khaladkar, Pimpri, Pune

“This has increased the immunity of my kids and made them stronger. Cold, cough problems have reduced a lot due to Suvarnaprashan.”

Mrs. Namrata Pawar, Empire Estate, Chinchwad

“ Suvarnaprashan plus is too good to describe, I have seen my baby’s health improved a lot in just 3 doses!”

Mrs. S.V.Sonawane, Chinchwad, Pune

“It’s a very nice program. My child has improved her daily activities and is energetic these days. Very well done Dr. Vikas.”

Subodh P Sawant, Engineer, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

“ Very nice program. Kids are more healthy these days.”

Indira Prakash, Software consultant, Pune

The treatment has really helped my child became a healthy individual ! Dr. Vikas and his wife are so friendly ,cheerful lovely couple ….

Very satisfying


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Suvarnaprashan dose is very helpful for my childs health developement it has shown positive reasults as we r giving her since 7 months


The user didn’t write a review and has left just a rating.


This is good for child health. It helps to increase immunity power also


Overall Good experience and detail explanation of each query.


Good improvement


Neat, clean and hygienic place. Suvarnaprashan has been useful for my has helped improve his immunity. While giving ur regular dose of suvarnaprashan, doctor monitors kids weight and height chart and provides suggestions as and when required.