About Government of India- Yoga certification

The Prime Minister of India as well as the Ministry of AYUSH became aware of the high demand of yoga experts at a national and international level, sees the urge of creating a credible system assuring that the word will be spread with quality of Yoga practitioners.


Therefore the Quality Council of India developed an evaluation which certifies Yoga Professionals creating quality frameworks. QCI yoga certification has been designed by employing international best practices based on global standards and certification systems to ensure an international acceptable certification that will assist in developing and delivering a quality yoga course, proper evaluation and assessment of skills and knowledge, in return the quality knowledge of yoga will be delivered globally.

Indian Yoga Certification

Yoga certification scheme

Flowchart for Certification Scheme for Yoga Professionals under Ministry of AYUSH

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[PDF]List of QCI Certified Professionals

published on Ministry of AYUSH website (Government of India) @ http://www.ayush.gov.in

Important official government documents related to the Yoga certification making it internationally important.

External affairs

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Yoga certification for Foreign deputations

Kendriya Vidyalas

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Sports authority

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