The training program for Yoga Professionals, designed by Dr. Vikas Chothe is a unique opportunity for one to receive teacher training in authentic traditional Yoga with syllabus in line with Ministry of AYUSH (Government of India). Upon completion of training, students can give the Quality Council of India (QCI) test with confidence, get in depth knowledge and overview of yogic sciences practiced in various yoga schools across India. It will also empower them to establish their own yoga centres or teach private Yoga lessons. This is not just another teacher training program but will help transform the student and experience the unlimited powers of Self through Yoga.

Admission for Yoga teacher training:


  1. Anybody over 18 years of age in good physical and mental health.
  2. Previous experience in teaching Yoga and good grasp of Indian culture is welcome.
  3. Understanding of basic English language as it is the medium of instruction. A translator may accompany those who do not know English

Study Requirements:

  • The course requires personal and social discipline (yama and niyama),  dedicated efforts (abhyasa), commitment without expectations (vairagya) to the training offered.
  • 100% attendance in all classes is mandatory.
  • Students  are  expected  to  follow  the  program  schedule  strictly.
  • Students  must stay in the city for the duration of the training program.
  • Alcohol,  tobacco smoking  or  other  drugs  are  prohibited  in  the  Swasti Yoga Centre’s  premises.
  • Students must have their own health insurance for the duration of complete training program.


  1. Level 1 -Yoga instructor training program (basic)
  2. Level 2- Yoga teacher training program (advanced)


International students

Yoga teacher training on budget (Program Fee):

  • Level 1: The program fee for the 3 weeks intensive program is USD 500/440 € (~24 Dollars per day) for about  100 hours of training.
  • Level 2: The program fee for the 4 weeks intensive program is USD 700/ 620 € (~25 Dollars per day) for about  150 hours of training.
  1. Program fee covers all aspects of the program including training materials (neti pot, catheters for sutra neti, danda dhauti), books, local trips, Satvic home cooked Ayurveda breakfast, vegetarian lunch and yogic high tea.  Seasonal, locally available fruits and vegetables will be provided. You can enjoy Maharashtrian chatani, pickle of mango, sweet dishes like Puran poli on festival occasions.
  2.  Daily yogic body cleansing procedure (jal neti/ sutra neti, dhauti, tratak, kapalabhati) in morning.
  3. Dantadhavan and Gandusha- traditional Ayurveda therapies for good oral health.
  4. Tambul sevan- Chewing Ayurvedic medicinal preparation after food.
  5. A study room and library is also available with a rich collection of reference books and DVDs on Yoga, anatomy, physiology, medicine, yoga therapy and meditation.
  6. Free WiFi facility on campus outside class time.
  7. Classes and materials to learn anatomy and physiology.
  8. Job placement and career opportunities.
  9. Access to a growing network of teachers and teaching opportunities.
  10. Introduction to classical Ayurveda- traditional Indian medicine and Panchkarma- detoxification and rejuvenation Ayurveda therapies.
  11. Students may also benefit from our strategic alliances with various hotels, saloon, gyms and malls.
  12. Students may experience traditional welcome, Indian festivals, Pune darshan (Sinhagad Fort, Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwar wada, Dehu and Alandi temples) and cultural programs.

Admission procedure:

Feel free to contact us for inquiry of programs, support & help from us.

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You will be informed within two weeks.                                                                                      On receipt and approval of your application, an online interview will be conducted.        Program capacity is limited, so it is advised to register early to confirm a place.

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