Associates and Membership

  1. International Ayurveda Association (IAA)
  2. Institute of Indian Medicine (IIM)
  3. Deerghayu International
  4. BHAAS Pune
  5. Indian Yoga Association (IYA)

International :

  1. Ahimsa Academy, Cambodia
  2. Ayurveda Yoga Australia
  3. SIPKA, Rimini, Italy
  4. PRANAM, Barcelona, Spain

International certified yoga trainers:

  1. USA-  Sapna Bafna
  2. Dubai- Swati Abhyankar
  3. Australia- Netra Kumar, Lata Sushant Srivastav
  4. Germany- Claudia



Institute of Indian Medicine

Institute of Indian Medicine is a registered body working on the principles of Open University. Diploma in Ayurveda for international students was first started in 1985 in Australia . The course was drafted by Institute of Indian Medicine, National Integrated Medical Association & University of Pune.

iaa logoInternational Ayurveda Association (IAA)


  • Promote research in the field of Indian Medicine, (Ayurveda, Siddha Uhani) allied sciences and of interdisciplinary nature.
  • Produce research workers, in the field.
  • Guide research workers in the field.
  • Correlate with medical and allied sciences.
  • Propagate Ayurveda in the world for benefit of human being.
  • Award membership, fellowship and postdoctoral fellowship to research workers in the field.
  • Conduct various courses in Ayurveda.
  • Award various medals, prizes for best thesis, books, personalities in the field.


Dr. P. H. Kulkarni (India) – Founder President

Dr. Atul Rakshe (India)- Secretary General

Swami Joythirmayananda (Corinaldo, Italy)- Collaborator

Dr. Vikas Chothe (India)- Organizing Secretary

Neena Nerkar (United Kingdom)- Collaborator

Carmen Navarro Zanon (Spain)- Collaborator

Etienne Premdani (Holland)- Collaborator

Emanuel Fernandez (Portugal)- Collaborator

Marta Besio (Portugal)- Collaborator

Lucia Tommasini (Rome, Italy)- Collaborator

Pasquini Gianluigi (Rimini, Italy)- Collaborator

Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur (United States of America)- Collaborator

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar (United States of America)- Collaborator

Farida Irani (Australia)- Collaborator

Christina Ricther (New Zealand)- Collaborator


Deerghayu International


CHIEF EDITOR – Prof. Dr. P.H. Kulkarni: Published 304 books related to Ayurveda & Health Sciences ,126 issues of Deerghayu International Journal & 30 issues of Deerghayu Annual during last 4 decades.


Indian Yoga Association (IYA)




Ahimsa Academy was formed in 2013 with the mission to carry forward classic and traditional Yogi science. The academy is committed to the development of humanity in particular under privileged women in Cambodia whom they wish to train as Yoga teachers to complement the historic relationship between ancient Cambodia and India in respect of Yoga.
The Headmaster has 47 years of exposure and practice of Yoga and has never compromised the tradition in order to make the Academy gain market.
Beyond Horizons Health And Social circle (BHHAS)

Beyond Horizons Health And Social circle (BHHAS)

“We are BHHAS. We are here to heal, to educate, to serve nature. We are here for health, Ayurveda, Yoga, and environment. We are a network of young doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and enthusiasts who volunteer our expertise and time to heal disadvantaged communities. We are passionate about the environment and applying the ancient wisdom and insight of Ayurveda to save lives and regenerate communities with a difference.We provide medical care and health education in India and across the globe.”

For further details visit:


International Certified Swasti Yoga Trainers

  1. Australia

Lata Rani

Address- 655a Pacific Highway, CHATSWOOD, Sydney, NSW, 2067


Netra Uddhav Kumar

Contact details: +61 435783089



2. Dubai

Swati Abhyankar


Address: 806/ Al Naser Saeed building, Kuwait road, Al Rafaa, Burdubai, Dubai.

Mobile: +971558945068



3. United States of America

Sapna Bafna

Address- 32 Carpenters Run Ct, blueash, Oh 45241 (Cincinnati area)